Some of our latest projects

Logo Claudia Guererro

graphic design

Logo design for the Mexican yoga teacher, actress and director Claudia Guererro.

Transitie UGent - Memorandum 2018

graphic design

A booklet of 80 pages, created for the Green Office of Ghent University, including several illustrations.

Schubert / Mendelssohn

graphic design

Concert poster for the orchestra Continuo and the choirs Cum Splendore, Cibus Spiritualis, Academiekoor A. De Bock and Poj├ędu.

An ode to all that sustains


Illustrations created for the presentations of the Green Office of Ghent University, originally part of the booklet 'Transitie UGent - Memorandum 2018'. The illustrated objects are a metaphor for the sustainability policy, consisting of many aspects that often require one another in order to work.

No man's land


The first illustrations of the series 'No man's land'.

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