Some of our latest projects

Parking make-over

Illustrations exploring two parking make-over scenarios at Campus Sterre, Ghent University.

hub shelves

Furniture design
Shelves designed for the Green Hub at Ghent University, made by vzw Labeur from recup wood. The design consists of two parts, separated by a glass window, but they are designed to appear as one. The middle shelves facing the facade of the building are the largest because they are the most visible from outside.

Green Office Movement

graphic design
Different logo designs for the Green Office Movement.

The Buddy Project

video / animation
A short introduction to The Buddy Project, a project set up by students for students at Ghent University.

Table top design

Furniture design
Table top designed for the Green Hub at Ghent University. The tables have been made by NOFF from reused materials. The pattern in the table top iresemmbles the pattern of the lights on the first floor of the Ufo building where the tables are home (see bottom picture).

Sustainability report 2018

graphic design & illustration
The Sustainability Report 2018 of Ghent University.

hub lounge

A cozy lounge area, set up at the Green Hub, Ghent University, consisting of two seconds hand sofas and two pieces of up-cycled furniture: a side table made from a half of a second hand desk and lounge table made from tree desk doors.

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