Wim Dewitte
Isberg Design Company
Hundelgemsesteenweg 887, 9820 Bottelare, Belgium

VAT n° BE0646853507
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VDK Spaarbank
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What makes our designs different?

The designs that couldn't be anyone else's, because Isberg Design Company makes them. It's as simple as that.

What is our approach to business?

We approach our designs as services provided to our customers. We do not sell an end product, we provide the process resulting in the end product.

To some, conducting business is as obvious as doing what creates profit. For us however, the way of conducting business is in first instance a moral question. Boundaries are set by values. What are you doing to make money? Which choices do you make in the process and do these choices contribute to something more than merely profit? What is the value of what you do, expressed in meaning and not in currency?

Why do we use an hourly rate?

After trying different approaches, we have found that working by the hour is what works best. It requires a certain amount of trust from the customer (e.g. not to be charged too much and get quality) and it requires responsibility from our side (e.g. not to break that trust and deliver quality). The concept is simple and fair towards everyone involved in the process. The trust involved sets the basis for a working relationship.

Wim Dewitte graduated as a cinematographer at Hogeschool voor Wetenschap & Kunst, Campus NARAFI, Brussels (BE). He is a graphic designer, web designer, illustrator, cinematographer, core member of ILAII, core member of Klimvis vzw and founder of Isberg Design Company.

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