De Krijtlijn (The Outline)

ISBERG is another word for ICEBERG, a metaphor for our work, except for the coldness - the metaphor didn't work out entirely. The most substantial part of an iceberg exists under the surface, representing the process of designing, everything that takes place between the first rough idea and the last finishing touch. The ice above the surface is the result. We focus on both, with dedication, love and ability.

De Krijtlijn (The Outline)

'De Krijtlijn' (The Outline), 20 meter long and 3 meter high, could be seen at the face of the Ghent University UFO building from November 23 2015 until January 4 2016, as part of the Tipping Point climate route throughout the city of Ghent.

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Isberg Design Company is a young and versatile company based near Ghent (BE). We approach our designs as the service we provide. We do not sell an end product; we provide the process resulting in the end product..

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